Christy's Poker Room

Nickels has a multi-table Live Poker Room.  We play 7 card Texas Hold 'em nightly at 6 p.m.

Wednesday Nights we play a no-limit game (state law is a $800 pot maximum). 

Talk to our dealers Cristy,Mark, Tracy or Kevin or call (406 449-7013) for information daily after 6:00 p.m.You can't win if you're not sitting at the table.  Nickels has both large and small poker tournaments.  Ask the dealers for dates.  


Nickels will host a $500 shootout on September 17,2016 with four tables of ten. It will be limited to the first fourty who sign up and PAY THE ENTRY FEE. $20 of the buy in is for tournament fee. Players will be served ribs and all the accompanyments.

Nickels has hosted two previous $500 Shootouts and reserved seats went quickly. Over $19,000 in payouts is expected. Nickels is committed to live Texas Hold-em and games are in the separate poker room away from the bar and our gaming machines.
SIGN UP NOW  406 449-7013.