Having Fun

In March 2014, Nickels sponsored a bus trip going counter-clockwise around Cayon Ferry Lake. We stopped at The Big Bull in Winston, The Mint and Fish Tale Tavern in Townsend, O'Malley's by Lakeside, and the Glass Slipper at the southern end of the lake -- which just happened to be hosting a Hawaiian themed event.  We drank, ate, drank, sang karaoke, drank and returned safely back to Nickels with our sober bus drive.

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April 25, 2015 :: Bar Tour Trip

On April 25, 2015, a bus took 54 fun people to Boulder, Whitehall, Three Forks, the Bunkhouse at Toston, to Townsend and back to Nickels....Another fun "bar tour" trip!

*Nickels has hosted this fun event since its inception! We once hosted its highly anticipated fun Welcome Party. Unfortunately due to problems getting a city permit we had to cancel hosting this fun event. 

Blast from the past car show

Broadwater grounds Saturday June 29th  Drags at airport Sunday June 30th.

Nickels has been a long time sponsor, fourteen years, of the Car show!